Sunday, 30 March 2008

Pure Evil : Butterflies , Pearly Kings and Queens

heres a new video of the St Thomas' church wall being painted...

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Pure Evil Butterflies, Pearly Kings and Queens

I spent the last 2 days freeeezing my toes off down in London Bridge painting a big black hoarding on the front of St Thomas' church .. I painted pure evil butterflies and pasted up a group of pearly kings and queens (the original east end punks) while the snow fell.. What is mental about the site is that in the 1950's they found an Old Operating Theatre from the 1700's in the attic of the church and now it is a Museum and Herb Garret.

Herb Garret sounds like he should be a folk musician from Kansas, but actually its the place where herbal medicnes were prepared for operations... I highly recommend a visit...

for more pics go to : pure evil bunny flickr page

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


I had a look around another gallery thats around the corner that was custom built to BE a gallery.... I have been jonesing for more wallspace and this place seems to have the edge on my place, which has moss and birdnests in the basement. I've said that I am anti-gallery in the past ,but I am eating my words because now that I have seen this other space I have GALLERY ENVY..

Sunday, 16 March 2008

new blog la la la

Oh god not another e-hole to take up my time...

I just have to say.. 1980 crew are currently doing a show at my beautiful gallery space, and they have found themselves a squat to live in because i declined to let them all stay at mine... (my place is sacred)
so we went round there prior to going to a house party... and it was a nice terraced house but suitably 'squatty' and we mentioned that we were going to a party , and they wanted to know where it was.

Now I'm a pretty tolerant guy (yeah right) but there was no way in hell I was going to give out the location to a bunch of ketamine snorting vegan squatters.

Later on I am at the house party and its going good, and the guys call up the squatter girl who found them the squat place and invite her over.. and of course then we have squatters in the kitchen , which gives me the hump. I chill out though, and think 'im just being a middle class wanker, they are ok'..

Ten minutes later, I hear a ruckus in the kitchen.. 2 of the squatters have 'nodded off' and are lying prone on the floor in k-holes...

Typical. God I hate being right all the time.