Monday, 12 May 2008


magical mystery tour

we had a BOSS time on the magical mystery tour checkitout we are beatles fans and so we went on the MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR we were very excited.

george harrison lived here in a 2up 2 down

this is strawberry fields where ringo wrote the song 'Penny Lane'

this is in strawberry fields

she is not bored she is just overwhelmed with joy

winge ers man... they are everywhere...

this is John Lennons old house where aunt mimi used to live, and his mum Julia was knocked down by a car in the street outside... these people are beatles fans like us.. we waved at them

this was maccas house they used to sit outside and smoke doobies and make songs in the garden

thumbs up the beatles yeah!!!

this is the bus stop in Penny Lane where the beatles wrote 'strawberry fields' where 'the banker didnt wear a coat in the pouring rain very strange, strawberry fields'

I am holding a penny

she is holding a penny too she LOVES ringo the most

ringo lived in a quite rubbish house in Toxteth

this is the anglican cathedral it is quite big. a lot bigger than this photo actually

john lennons art college a bit blurry

macca and harrison went to school here

adelphi hotel... i think rin tin tin stayed here

this is where the beatles lived when they became the lovable mop tops

yeh we are in the cavern now its quite a journey isnt it

im weeing in the cavern toilets where john lennon once weed.

thats the stage in the cavern

i am playing a few beatles classics on my air Gretch guitar...

well I hoped you liked our tour I think you will agree it was a magical mystery

xx PE

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Awesomeness.. I get to paint with Banksy, Faile, 3D, Logan Hicks, C215, Blek, Sten and a whole bunch of stencillists ?? Bring it on... I got the word about a 'secret thing' a few weeks ago and I kept schtumm about it , and then we all met up and got down to the space on the tuesday before the event... and started painting... what an INCERDIBLE space and what an INCREDIBLE bunch of work... absolutely unforgettable.

The wackiest thing was being asked if I wanted to do a couple of interviews.. I said yes and I ended up on CNN and on the GUARDIAN

craziness... the best part was seeing kids of 4 stencilling at the event , that was priceless....